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Random Kitchen Tips

Hi everyone!

Today I am just giving you all some random tips for when you are in the kitchen. I would love to make a post again soon with more tips and maybe on a designated topic. If you would like more random tips or tips on a specific topic leave a comment down below!

  • Before cooking and baking wash your hands

  • Always set a timer

  • Recipes are meant for inspiration if you don’t like something leave it out. Want more of something? Add it in!

  • It’s easier to cook when comfortable put on comfy clothes and some upbeat music

  • Salt and pepper are essential DO NOT leave them out

  • Table salt and kosher salt are NOT interchangeable

  • If a recipe calls for kosher salt and you only have table salt, half the amount

  • Taste your dish as you make it and make any needed adjustments

  • When prepping food the vessel should be larger than the content within it

  • The only way to improve in the kitchen is to keep doing it, Practice! Practice! Practice!

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