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Orot is a weekly program for girls with a goal to keep inspiration goingeven after high school and seminary where it might be hard to find inspiration and structure in this hectic world. We orgazine challa bakes, lectures, Shabbat programs, trip and more for women over the age of 15. 


Our Story

When I came out of high school, out of seminary, I was on a spiritual high. I felt like I was on top of the world and only wanted to climb higher and higher. Yet as the months went by I found myself doing quite the opposite, I was falling, harder and harder until I realized that everything I learned after so many years of schooling and even a year in Israel, was starting to become forgotten and I was starting to sink closer to the ground. 

It was then that summer of 2021 that we realized we needed to make a change. We needed to ensure that girls would stay strong to their roots even after high school and seminary and to always stay connected. As important it is to work hard in school and at work, it is even greater to ensure your spiritual levels are always climbing. life is like an escalator, if you're not moving up, you're moving down. And so, that year, Miriam and I started our beautiful program called OROT. It started off small at first but slowly and surely it grew, inspiring girls like us to keep on the Torah path incorporating fun and learning together. Join us on this incredible journey!

-Adina Siyonov

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