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Halachot of Tisha B'Av

  • This year the fast begins 8:11pm, Monday, July 31st and ends 8:57pm, Tuesday, August 1st. There are five things that are forbidden on Tisha Be’Av: Eating and drinking, washing oneself, rubbing skin with oil, wearing leather shoes, and marital relations.

  • Furthermore, it is forbidden to learn Tanach, midrash, Talmud, halacha, aggada, and other Torah topics. Since Torah gladdens a person’s heart. However, one is permitted to learn anything pertaining to Tisha Be’Av and the destruction of the temple. Furthermore one may study the book of Iyov (Job).



  • It is forbidden to eat meat or drink wine during the final meal. 

  • The custom is to refrain from eating fish. However, it is permissible to eat dried salted fish and small fish like Sardines, which are steamed in a can. H

  • During this meal it is forbidden to eat more than one cooked food.

  • Upon waking up in the morning one must wash his fingers until the knuckles, it is also permitted to wash one’s eyes if they are filled with mucus buildup since it is not out of pleasure but a necessity.

 Performing labor on Tisha Be’Av:

Our sages warned that anyone who works on Tisha Be’Av will not see any blessing or profit from that work.  It is permissible to perform labor if one would incur a loss by refraining from it. A grocer may sell food and beverages throughout the day of Tisha Be’Av.


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Any questions regarding the fast should go to your Local Orthodox Rabbi (LOR) or email us at

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