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All About Me

Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself. My name is Shoshana. It's a pen name because I have decided to keep my identity hidden, like a superhero! I have always loved Shalom and even more so, Shalom Magazine's beautiful recipe section. I really wanted to be contribute to Shalom that I asked the editors for a column of my own to share with you some of my favorite recipes.

I'll be featuring all different recipes that either I have personally created or took from online but tweaked a bit. I'll be giving you tips along the way so I hope you enjoy and make these delicious recipes. If you make these recipes, please send in a picture to my email and I will hopefully feature it in the next issue. I can't wait!

A little bit about me:

I love to read and write.

My hobbies include baking and cooking, daily!!

I love music!

My favorite singers include: Chaim Yisrael, Itzik Dadya, Tzemed Yeled, Kinderlach, Ishay Ribo and many more!

I hope to post more recipes soon and to see all of your beautiful creations!

Don't be afraid to comment and ask me any questions.

Suggested recipes can also be made.

Till next time!

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